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A fresh new NG-Account.

2007-07-23 06:05:09 by MajusArts

Yay. NewGrounds looks awesome now, and the user-pages are much cooler and better.
Maybe I write sometimes something.

Monkey Island is my first GOOD flash movie. I want to make more of them, so, stay tuned. Stay tuned VERY LONG!

Good funny day!


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2007-07-23 06:07:18

I caught your Monkey Island submission just a few seconds ago and I must say its a fine piece of work! I hope to see more from you soon! :)


2007-07-23 07:32:41

your monkie island flash is a funny piece of work! i wish i could keep people laughing like that all the way through my movies! ='-(


2007-07-23 08:35:52

that monkey island was so funny, you should deffo make another one


2007-07-23 10:12:43

Your flash was funny! ;)


2007-07-23 17:38:50

Best Flash ever. I lol'd. the voicing was ace.


2007-07-24 18:30:01

Monkey Island is a great movie! The voice acting, despite the accent, was great and the humour was perfect! Cheers for an excelent movie!


2007-07-24 19:36:18

Hey there.
Wow the english version rocks almost as ... moment mal?
Ach ich denke mal, dass ich mit dir auch deutsch reden kann, oder? Hehe...

Kannte bereits die deutsche Version deines MI Flashs und hab sie alle meinen Bekannten gezeigt. Daily Feature für die englische Version ist grade gut genug! Nur weiter so! :)

PS: Gerüchte besagen ein neues MI sei auf dem Weg und evtl. bereits 08 erhältlich. ;)

m.f.G.: Felix Baldus


2008-01-11 16:58:26

wirklich geile arbeit :D hab mir den 2. teil auch schon angehört ^^ hoffe du machst bald mal auch nen film dazu :D

haha no one can speak german :D


2008-02-20 19:45:02

Hey there! I just realized you're here on Newgrounds, awesome! I'm also in that StudiVZ group, big fan of your work. So... you going to be an animator or what?


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